Are you ready to transform your relationship into a rewarding partnership?

Are you tired of trading with your partner, and never getting back what you put in to your marriage? Do you know what your partner needs? Does your partner know what you need? Have you considered divorce? Are you considering cheating your marriage?

Marriage counselling is the tool you need to create a new, functioning marriage for you both. But not all marriage counselling is the same. Most marriage counselling consists of complaining and negotiating needs. Not when you use time-proven, Ultimate Relationship techniques which give you access to a new approach to relationship. Not only from a couple’s viewpoint, but seen from each partner’s unique and individual background, beliefs and understanding about marriage and relationship.

In just a few sessions, you learn the key ingredients that are missing from your relationship. Marriage counselling – done right – helps you understand why you react to the same things, and why your partner repeats the same behavior, over and over. And how to make it work again, without compromising eachother’s individual personalities.

Do you want a relationship that lets you feel safe and nurtured while supporting your growth and providing a home for your heart? Rediscover passion in the marriage, the joy and emotional safety and acceptance that comes from a healthy relationship.

One of my clients recently wrote: “Thank you Anthony for this and everything else. When my husband got home, a huge shift had occurred. There was an openness that has not been there ever before. Clearly nothing I have said or done has been able to make that happen. But you did it. I don’t have words to express my gratitude to you for helping both of us”

How it works

We work together to create the marriage you want. My approach is different than typical marriage councelling as we don’t spend much time discussing who was wrong, settling arguments etc.

Together, you discover the differences in masculine and feminine experience of the marriage, discovering and meeting each other’s needs, how to rekindle a loving sex life, communicating effectively, rediscovering trust, etc.

This process is in five main modules and has been extremely effective for couples who are now back on track in their relationships, better than before!

Make the call, when are you ready to transform your relationship through marriage counselling.

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